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This essay identifies six key legal, economic and governance convergences in 21st century global law and policy: the deepening of the global economy, the worsening of economic inequality, the thickening of global social relationships, the unification of international economic law, the emergence of global law, and the integration of global justice concerns into our ongoing conversation about development.  These convergences point towards the emergence of a global market society, with significant consequences for international economic law and its role in helping that emerging society to flourish. The essay concludes with one view of what it will mean to meet that challenge: ensuring opportunity and fairness for everyone in a global market society means an approach to justice that is pluralist, relational and transactional. This is the regulatory and normative task of international economic law today.  


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  • Subject
    • Comparative and Foreign Law

    • International Law

    • International Trade Law

    • Jurisprudence

  • Journal title
    • Manchester Journal of International Economic Law

  • Volume
    • 13

  • Issue
    • 2

  • Date submitted

    6 September 2022