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In January 1977 the nearly completed $116 million Tellico Dam project was stopped because it would harm the habitat of the snail darter--an endangered species of fish. Several alternatives to the project have been proposed. However, neither the current project nor alternatives are supported by current benefit-cost analyses.

The Tennessee Valley Authority should update the remaining benefit-cost data for the Tellico project and alternatives to it. The Congress should prohibit the Authority from further work on the project and should not action the proposed legislation to exempt the project from the Endangered Species Act until more current information is received.


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    • Administrative Law

    • Environmental Law

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    7 September 2022

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    • Scanned from the annotated personal copy of Zygmunt Plater. Pages 113-122 of the scanned document are second images of selected pages, including additional annotations on post-it notes.

      Series Title:

      U.S. General Accounting Office. "The Tennessee Valley Authority's Tellico Dam Project: Costs, Alternatives, and Benefits." Washington: U.S. General Accounting Office, 1977.