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Ever since 1954, when film critic Francois Truffaut "asserted that the worst of Jean Renoir's movies would always be more interesting than the best of Jean Delannoy's," the director has come to be seen as the auteur of the films she directs. This idea, while fine for film critics, has unnecessarily crept into the law. Directors currently enjoy a unique status under UK law due in part to the idea that they are the sole creative auteur of a film. This article questions this special status and suggests some changes within the framework of existing EU directives in order to bring the rights granted to those who work on a film more in line with those who work on other creative works.


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1 Nov 2022
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  • Subject
    • Intellectual Property Law

    • Labor and Employment Law

  • Journal title
    • Boston College Intellectual Property and Technology Forum

  • Volume
    • 2006

  • Pagination
    • 1-9

  • Date submitted

    31 October 2022

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