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From the introduction:

Many of us have struggled with the difficult and complex question of how best to teach our students. On one level, we ask: What are the best ways to convey information and skills to our students? How can we do it effectively in classes of fifty, eighty, one hundred, or more? On another level, we ask: What do our students need to know in order to become good lawyers? On yet a deeper level, the issue is political. Do we as women teachers make law school productive and rewarding for our women students? Do we promote nonsexist values that make it harder for the lawyers we train to dismiss the achievements of their female colleagues? Do we lead students to thoughtful questions about the larger society or are we simply one cog in a wheel that transforms a group of idealistic young people into fodder for large firms?


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  • Subject
    • Gender

    • Legal Education

  • Journal title
    • Journal of Legal Education

  • Volume
    • 38

  • Pagination
    • 155-164

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    7 September 2022