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This article invokes the theme of invisibility as a metaphorical way of demonstrating the conditions of Black children in America. The theme of invisibility is examined during the period of slavery, and in the context of various social issues and movements such as school desegregation, the civil rights movement and transracial adoption. In each instance the true needs of Black children are sacrificed in exchange for other social goals that adults deemed more important. Though the needs of Black children were offered as the reason for policy changes, the children were never the beneficiaries of the change. The article argues for a new social policy that will make the needs of children of color and poor children a national priority. Unless this occurs, the dreams of Black children will continue to be deferred, and the nightmares that have governed their lives will continue to haunt them and this nation.


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7 Sep 2022
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  • Subject
    • Civil Rights and Discrimination

  • Journal title
    • Boston College Third World Law Journal

  • Volume
    • 26

  • Issue
    • 1

  • Pagination
    • 9

  • Date submitted

    7 September 2022