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Hurricane Katrina was the most devastating hurricane to hit the United States in recorded history. The damage in New Orleans was most acutely felt by poor and African-American neighborhoods. One of the most pressing issues for poor residents of New Orleans in the future will be the availability of affordable housing. After the hurricane, Rep. Richard H. Baker (R-La.) proposed that the legislature create a government-run corporation with the mission of facilitating the rebuilding of Louisiana communities. His plan took into account community needs and prioritized affordable housing and well-planned development. Baker’s Bill has been rejected by the Bush Administration, which favors a free-market solution enhanced with federal tax incentives for developers and business. During the last session of Congress, Baker‘s Bill never became law. Looking back at previous disasters and forward to new visions of the city, this Note concludes that Baker’s proposal should be reintroduced and the House and Senate should adopt the Baker Bill as soon as possible to provide an innovative plan for rebuilding New Orleans.


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