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To date, there has been little effort to define the characteristics of responsible environmental reform efforts by private citizens and organizations in the United States on foreign environmental problems, such as the quality of foreign aid. Moreover, there have been virtually no attempts to identify a principled role for American lawyers in Third World environmental issues. This Essay will respond to these lacunae by articulating a new approach to advocacy based on a partnership model. In Part I, this Essay identifies the need for American public interest advocates to establish partnerships with directly affected groups on Third World environmental issues. Next, Part II examines another case study of partnership advocacy by nongovernmental organizations in Sri Lanka and the United States. Elaborating on this specific experience, Part III of this Essay evaluates the general benefits and responsibilities of the partnership relationship. After articulating the limitations of partnership advocacy, Part IV then proposes an extension of that model that focuses on establishing formal international adjudicatory mechanisms to provide remedies to those members of the public injured by decisions of international institutions.


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